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August 10, 2017

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My Hijab, My Story

August 23, 2017



The following is the way I see the hijab. Hijab is seen as oppressive and mostly seen with negative lenses. The following is just a description of what a hijab is and it’s meaning. I also interviewed a hijabi blogger and even got to make collages to create a meaningful zine. I hope this is an eyeopener on what the hijab is especially since today’s media fails to acknowledge these amazing sides of a hijab. Hope you guys like it.

Thanks, Hifsa Abbasi


The hijab is an object that brings all together. When one Muslim is attacked or there is injustice placed on one Muslim the entire community comes together to support and help that person. The hijab is associated with love and compassion for others and shows that we are all one regardless of skin, race, or other discriminatory factors.


This piece represents the meaning of the hijab. Media doesn't portray the actual definition of Islam and the hijab. The reality is hijab is a feminist movement. The writing above represents what I think about the hijab and what the hijab really means.


Interview with Hajra Tariq

With the hijab comes the concept of modesty. One needs to be dressed accordingly and in a fashion in which they are covered and clean. Social Media has inspired many hijabis to express themselves in unique ways and many fashion bloggers have come from that platform. Many consider the hijab as oppressing or something that takes away one's power to be who they want to be. As a hijabi myself for 4 years, Hijab has only given me the confidence to try something new. I Interviewed an amazing and very fashionable fashion blogger named Hajra Tariq. Hajraa is a Paki-American Pre-Med student who is also a part time fashion blogger. Here’s an insight on what she sees in fashion and how she takes on different styles.


Not all fashion bloggers are fashion students. What are some hooks to the fashion industry? More specifically what got you interested in such a wild industry?


Basically, I'm not a fashion student, I am a pre-med student. Fashion blogging is a hobby I enjoy doing. What influenced me to be part of this hectic industry is New York city, the crazy runway. When walking around the streets of Soho 5th,  you see so many different people expressing their different styles through color, patterns, mood.


How can you find your style in a world where everyone is being influenced by social media? How were you able to pick up such a unique style without falling into the trap of losing your identity?


I find my style to be very chic street style, it varies time to time. My major influences on my style are Bella Hadid, Fatma Husam, Aureta, and different fashion icons. I believe when you start creating your style and realizing your personality,  you should stick to one rule, and that is to be true to yourself. Stay confident, wear your personality. This way you will never lose your identity instead you'll be making a statement.


Discrimination and stereotypes are something that everyone has to face sometime in their life. How has fashion helped you become something more powerful and combat those remarks?


Me dressing up in a way that expresses me has built my confidence.It has guided me to people who also have the same passion as I do, and they support me. Negativity always plays a role in everyone's lives.  I think it's how you face it and it's how you look at it and I do my best is to ignore it when I know there are more supporters.


How would you define confidence in your own words?


My confidence is my hijab. When I wear it I feel comfortable, it lets me be myself, despite this crazy world being Islamophobic. My hijab defines who I am and I'm proud of who I am.



Above is Hajra Tariq. She is a fashion blogger and a pre-med student. Wearing the hijab has given her confidence and lets her explore herself as a person. Her advice to people is to stay true to yourself and to be you when it comes to fashion. ( Creds to Hajra Tariq )


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