An "off-color" zine for creatives to self-publish magazines, collectives, art work, writing, and music.

The Tiger Bomb Magazine has redirected its mission from a general magazine to a platform for creatives to host their own "zines" under us. Our writers curate a selection of their work bi-weekly into individually themed posts, like publishing individual short magazines under us.


The goal of The Tiger Bomb is to use an online presence to increase the impact of self-published work. Through history, methods of self-publishing and distributing printed content has been used to voice opinions, occupy the public eye, and intervene in social policy. By reviving print and using social media to our advantage, we can leave content unfiltered and allow it to reach larger audiences.


Join The Tiger Bomb Magazine as we host workshops, D.I.Y. shows, open art studios, and creative events in communities all over NYC. 

My Hijab, My Story

August 23, 2017

Untitled Zine

August 23, 2017

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