Request an interview!

We would be stoked to interview artists, writers, innovators, musicians, activists, or public figures at any time! Interviews are published in a roundup every two weeks.


Shoot an email to stating your name(s), background information, an area of interest, and specific interview topics. Please provide social media handles, websites, and convenient contact.


Staff Writing Positions

The Tiger Bomb is always looking for "zine" makers, writers, artists, and other creatives to join us!

Contributors are given two weeks to build their compilation of work into either a scanned handmade "zine", or a series. "Zines" are published by us online as their own mini-magazines under our name.

"Zines" can be distributed by us at our events if they are printed/assembled and mailed to us, or emailed to us in PDF format with printing/ assembly fee through PayPal.


Contributors are encouraged to include a selection of the following in their "zines":



-Editorial pieces / Interviews

- Artwork

-Poetry/ Prose


-Artist Statements

- Short Stories

- Playlists

- Scanned receipts, tickets, film


Staff Writers must submit every two weeks with loose deadlines. 





If you own a space and would like to have us host an educational workshop or event, please send an email this way!​